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I’m Camila Garcia, a self-taught mixed media artist and art journaler passionate about all things botanical. In my art practice, I explore mainly floral motives using a variety of media both in my art journals and in my layered collage bouquets.

For a long time, art was a sidelined subject in my life. I didn't feel like I could really explore it until the day I decided I could.  It all started as an occasional hobby, but little by little the weekly practice became almost daily and now I’ve been maintaining a consistent art practice that has helped me in many ways.

Over the years, my approach to art has evolved and I'm now enjoying art journaling which was something that didn't speak to me at first. I became an enthusiast of sketchbooks and journals and focused more on the art process than the final results.

My art is strongly influenced by botanical themes and the imprecise expression of organic forms, whether through sketches or abstractionism. I love to play with watercolours, inks, and acrylics, but mainly with pens and pencils. In my journal pages, you will find many abstract backgrounds combined with expressive botanical drawings, collages, and loose paintings.

When I'm not making art or dreaming up new ideas, you're sure to find me acting as a transport planner, taking care of my succulent collection, photographing the beautiful tiles and doors of Lisbon, or searching for treasures at flea markets.

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